Healthy, ethical, and sustainably produced food

Windham Hill Farm is situated on the beautiful Mt Verde Estate near Hilton, Kwazulu-Natal. It is a mixed enterprise comprising cut flower protea production, Nguni Cattle, and the recent addition of a vegetable seedling nursery. We implement regenerative farming practices, focusing on the promotion of healthy and sustainable agricultural systems.

Do you REALLY know what you are eating?

Many of us are surprised to discover that growth promoting hormones and antibiotics are added as a standard ingredient to animal feeds. And how many of us are aware that most commercially grown vegetables are sprayed almost every week with poisonous insecticides and other systemic chemicals?

We at Windham Hill Farm would like to give you the opportunity to make informed, healthy choices about the food you eat. We grow food that is healthily, ethically and sustainably produced. Any partners supplying products through Windham Hill Farm are thoroughly screened to ensure they align with our stringent quality and health standards, giving you peace of mind that you are giving your family the very best!

We strive to make our product offering competitively priced to ensure that this goodness can be experienced by as many families as possible.

The Nectar Co

To plan to eat well is easy but in today's world, especially when you are busy with life it is harder to actually do that. That's where The Nectar Co. comes in. When you don’t have the time to do it for yourself, we’ll do it for you.

At The Nectar Co. we make it easy for you to live a healthier life. Our raw, cold-pressed juices are made from locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables and are available to order now.

Our cold pressed juice contains no sugar, additives, preservatives; in fact nothing apart from fresh fruit and vegetables and the vitamins, minerals and enzymes they contain. Most juice available to buy in shops and cafes is made with a centrifugal juicer which is thought to destroy many of the nutrients due to the oxygen and heat that occurs with this process.

Cold pressing is a method that is used to juice fruit and vegetables that retains as many nutrients as possible. A slow spinning auger extracts the juice from the fibre resulting in the best quality nutritious, tasty juice possible.

The Farm Garden

Windham Hill Farm is based just outside Hilton, and our veggies are grown in small-scale market- garden style plots. Our growing philosophy is to work hand-in-hand with nature to produce quality, environmentally-friendly vegetables that are safe and healthy for you to eat.

We protect and nurture our plants with EcoBuz products that focus on sustainable plant nutrition and biological plant protection. These products have no harmful residues at all. Our end goal is to grow plants that are stronger, healthier and yield more nutrient-dense food than one would find in conventionally produced vegetables.


Our vegetable seedlings are produced the EcoBuz way, with a focus on building robust root systems.

Healthy roots mean healthy plants, and you will quickly notice the difference in our seedlings’ superior growth and resilience.

Should you wish to continue growing your seedlings the same way, we have various EcoBuz products available for gardeners on our website too.


All the meat products grown on our farm are 100% pasture reared and guaranteed hormone and antibiotic free. Our Nguni cattle roam freely in large grassland camps, and occasionally graze between our rows of proteas to assist with weed control!

The Windham Hill broiler chickens are fed natural feed and reared in spacious, mobile chicken houses that are shifted daily so they can forage on a new piece of land every day.